Repurposed Sailcloth Dopp Kit

You can never have enough Dopp Kits - we use them to store small tools, pens and pencils, charger cables, cosmetics, snacks, marine hardware, scraps of line, toiletries, and so on!

Why send advanced, high-performance textiles to a landfill when you can transform them into beautiful and useful products? We use retired sails and scraps from our workshop to create limited-run collections of bags. Each bag is unique, as is its story.

Our current inventory includes:

  • Racing Dopps: Golden-yellow, laminated Kevlar sailcloth (unlined) - $35
  • Cruising Dopps: Sturdy, off-white Dacron sailcloth lined with either natural duck or Sunforger canvas - $40
  • Sunfish Dopps: Made from an old Sunfish sail, red and white with a small sunfish logo. Lined with natural duck canvas - $45

Do you have old sails that you want transformed into custom bags for keepsakes, merchandise, gifts and more? Call us to discuss custom projects at 207-372-4033.