Repurposed Sailcloth Tote

Why send advanced, high-performance textiles to a landfill, when you can transform them into beautiful and useful products? We use retired sails and scraps from our workshop to create limited-run collections of one-of-a-kind bags. 

Our current inventory of tote bags are made from one giant Kevlar racing sail. Laminated, golden-yellow fibers and bright red insignia compliment sturdy three-strand Hempex rope handles and beautiful brass marine hardware. A perfect boat bag: not only were all these materials *made* for the outdoors, you can use the brass clip and ring that we spliced and whipped into one of the handles to secure your bag when underway! 

Do you have old sails that you want transformed into custom bags for keepsakes, merchandise, gifts and more? Call us to discuss custom projects at 207-372-4033.